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PAWS of Rochester


Matt Piccone

Founder & CEO

"PAWS Youth and Advocacy Center is POWERED by Accurate Sports and Entertainment Complex.  It is a private athletic training facility and sports social club. It is designed to be a one-of-a-kind, multi-dimensional facility, offering various sporting and entertainment options. We welcome teams and individuals of all ages and skill sets.


Over 10,000 square feet of private training space.

3 Indoor Batting Cages with professional equipment. Iron Mike Pitching machine, Hack Attack Pitching machine, First Pitch Ace Pitching machine, and HitTrax!!!

Equipped with pitching mounds, L-screens for practice coaching and mentoring 

Training equipment for baseball, softball, football, soccer, lacrosse agility drills and/or bootcamps 

3800 square feet of open turf surface (soon to expand further).

Lounge space for team meetings, networking or just relaxing.

Full gym with essential weight equipment geared towards athletes. (Expanding to larger space on 2nd floor Sept of 23)

Surround sound system with bluetooth available for your own playlist."



PAWS (originally known for Providing Animal Welfare Services) was started by Matt Piccone along with the support of his wife, Laura, many family and friends, and supportive community partners back in 2012. The goal was to provide the resources and support needed by many inner city pet owners in order to properly care for their pets.

Fast forward to the present, and PAWS has transformed its mission in order to adapt to societal changes and needs, and although our mission has changed, our overall goal of social change within our community hasn’t wavered. PAWS Youth and Advocacy Center is committed to serving our community through youth sports. We believe sports, primarily baseball, will serve as a catalyst for social change within our community and surrounding areas. We reside in a 20,000+ square-foot multi-faceted facility, which consists of two floors. PAWS is powered by Accurate Sports and Entertainment Complex where we strive to enable leadership and advocacy through sports, improve and hone athletic skills and abilities, foster physical development, develop confidence and self-esteem, social and interpersonal skills, as well as enable youth to benefit from the communal aspect of team sports.


Rochester, N.Y. (June 2023) – Matt and Laura Piccone, Founders of the nonprofit PAWS Youth and Advocacy Center are extremely pleased and honored to announce their recent affiliation with Major League Baseball’s Nike Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities Program (Nike RBI). The Center is currently the only affiliated organization in Rochester, NY.

"We strongly believe in the power of sports and how they can serve as a catalyst for social change by providing a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment for ALL. Our programs are designed to foster teamwork, develop values, confidence, instill good character, and especially inspire young people to learn the skills needed to achieve their fullest potential as athletes and as respectable individuals in our community and beyond"

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